"Idea Man," continued.


This is a great feeder. This feeder is 10 years old and still works fine.

The picture at right is from the Central New York section of the Syracuse Post Standard, July, 18, 1997. Hughes & Company made the photograph below.

The feeder in the picture at right is 5 years old and still going strong. It still looks good too. It was assembled from the first top and wheel out of the molds. This could easily last 10 years. The feeder below is the last new one I have left. See the Cedar wheel parts and Oak wooden sides. I looks like a natural wooden feeder.


This is a great feeder. But the tooling would be a major investment. So, I still make them by hand.

There are a lot of tube feeders out there for $100 that get ruined by the squirrel factor in less than 2 or 3 years. Squirrels do use the Dynamic Feeder. However, without the wear and tear that they do to plastic tube feeders.

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