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Need -- the mother of invention

I was living in an apartment in Mineola, a suburb of New York City. The hot water valve in the shower was going bad. If I had the tools, I could have fixed it myself. But, the building was built after World War I. They didn't install shut off valves back then. I called the landlord many times to remind him of the worsening problem. Nothing happened. The apartment was small. I could not escape the incessant dripping noise. It was like Chinese water torture. I had to find a way around it. It was beginning to get to me. I was going nuts. That's when I had an idea.

I tried all kinds of arrangements, balloons and tubing, string arrangements, upside down cup, membrane contraptions, and everything else I could think of at the time. It had to work good. It had to be easy to use. It had to be reusable and last. It had to be inexpensive to produce. After about three months of experimentation, the only thing that really worked was a balloon and tubing arrangement. It was easy to use. And, it could also be used over and over again. I figured that the whole thing could be simply and inexpensively produced the way a balloon is made.



It took the landlord 8 months to fix the drippy shower. He finally responded when I calculated the amount of money he was spending each week for fuel oil to heat the hot water he was losing. About $18 per week. At that rate, I told him he would be wealthier if he fixed the faucet and took his wife out to dinner once a week. He fixed the faucet. I returned to upstate New York where I could work on what turned out to be "Dripway" the drip silencer. I designed the package, and had a professional marketing firm produce it.

It can be used over and over for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. My father used it for months when he was recovering from nerve damage from a broken back. He couldn't stand the splash sensation on his legs and feet when he took a shower. Dripway controls splash.


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