The Dynamic Birdfeeder

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The Dynamic Feeder

It's large size accommodates most birds, and squirrel attacks.Has a light weight 22" diameter wheel.
Works in all kinds of weather, including snow.
Easy open topPatented easy-access top.
A pole with a deflector keeps squirrels away.
Squirrel resistant.


Birdfeeder in the flower garden

How it works

Bird feeder top

See a one minute video that explains what this birdfeeder is at Pratique, how it works and what the birds do to get what they want. The feeder in these videos is over fifteen years old. like any other bird feeder, keep the squirrels off and they las a long time.

Birds are intelligent

It comes down to this: A seed in a feeder is worth two in the bush. They take the path of least resistance. They use this because it is easier.

Here a Nuthatch anticipates a seed before the feeder actually dispenses it (the wheel is gently turning counter clockwise). It watches and listens for the seed before it slides down the spout.

There was no way of knowing whether the birds would actually use such a thing when it was invented. There are so many other places for birds to find food. Apparently this is easier.

Bird feeder top Price: $1,200 (installed with squirrel protection)

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