"Birds of Spring" CD


New technology does old things


Do you know of any stereo recording of birds that has not been artificially enhanced by heavy editing or augmented with music? There are lots of recordings which loop, or play the same clipping of a bird more than once. People catch on to that, and lose interest after hearing it a couple of times. It is not easy to get a recording of any length without getting some kind of unwanted background noise creeping in. There are lots of recordings which reduce unwanted sound by focusing in one direction, on one bird. This technique loses the polyphony of the panorama. In real life three or four birds sing different melodies at the same time.



Cow Bird


This 30 minute CD is appropriate for office and social event background,commuting to work, taking a nap, or other leisure listening. It is clear and refreshing. Get this one now and stay tuned for "Birds of Summer"

10 second video of the bird feeder & fountain


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